Tooling Design

Tooling Design

Tooling Design is a specialized area of manufacturing engineering which comprises the analysis, planning, design, construction and application of tools, methods and procedures necessary to increase manufacturing productivity.

Every tool design requires careful planning and analysis in order to provide maximum effectiveness, including cost reduction and functional efficiency. Apogee’s experience in the tooling design process will help you achieve the very best design for each project, no matter the size.

Past Tooling Examples:

  • Tubing Benders: Complex Geometry, Three Dimensional Paths, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Thin and Heavy Wall
  • Sheet Metal Forms, Shears, Punches and Dies (In House Heat Treated for Long Life and Durability)
  • Special Process Fixtures: Holding, Sawing, Swaging, Painting, Soldering, Bonding, Assembly
  • Testing Fixtures: Thermal, Acceleration, Mechanical, Fatigue, Life Cycle
  • Inspection Fixtures: Go/No Go Gauges, Mock Assemblies, Alignment, Positioning

Custom Tools for CNC Machining

One of the biggest challenges in complex CNC machining is how to hold the workpiece. Our tooling engineers provide the robust solutions required to restrain complex parts. From custom fixture plates and clamps to precision ground blocks and jigs, our team is constantly deployed in applying our tooling design talent set to CNC machining. Effective tooling concepts increase the efficiency of the overall machining process, saving you time and money.