CMM Inspection

A CMM (coordinate measuring machine) inspection is used to measure the dimensions and characteristics of Three Dimensional objects. Apogee leverages the latest technology from Hexagon’s Measurement Intelligence Division. Specifically, our Hexagon Romer ArmTM provides very high accuracy inspection results in a portable form factor, which is perfect for measuring parts while still in the CNC machines.

This verification at the source is essential for reducing waste, down time and the inefficiency of removing/reinstalling parts throughout the machining process.

  • Apogee maintains an extensive inventory of NIST traceable calibrated equipment including gauge pins, calipers, micrometers, a CMM Probe Arm and more. We have the equipment to thoroughly verify that your part or assembly meet the drawing, model or specification.
  • Our tools, operated by our trained personnel, can provide the high fidelity reports you need to move your project forward with confidence.
  • Combining the application of our extensive inspection equipment suite with the SolidWorks™ CAD Package and Hexagon’s PC DIMS, Apogee has seamless Reverse Engineering capabilities. Not only can we recreate your geometry in a completely digital format, our engineers will create the drawings, specifications, and documentation needed to produce your part.

Quality Is The Apogee Difference

One of the reasons why top companies choose Apogee is the strategic and efficient infusion of quality verification at the source. Utilization of calibrated inspection equipment at critical points throughout the machining process mitigates potential issues where and when they occur in near real time.

Apogee conducts routine First Article Inspections (FAIs) on parts, assemblies, and tooling as a standard practice; which means that you know your parts are correct when you receive them, with full transparency from a supplier you can trust.

We also provide comprehensive and easy to understand dimensional inspection reports for your engineers, quality department or customers to review.